Promises Kept

Michael has decades of experience in elections – from volunteer poll worker to nationally-recognized campaign attorney to member of the State Board of Elections. In 2019, Michael was the most qualified candidate ever to run for Secretary of State, Kentucky’s chief election official.  

Thank goodness! Having a highly experienced elections official turned out to be critical. Just months after Michael was sworn in, COVID-19 wrecked many states’ elections. Not Kentucky’s – our Commonwealth was held up as a national example for competent election administration, voter access, and election integrity. 

While other states became lax on voter verification in 2020, Michael took Kentucky in the opposite direction. Kentucky was the only state to implement Photo ID to Vote in 2020. Michael also expanded voting days – ending over a century of voter suppression. 

Here are just a few of the reforms Michael has implemented in his short tenure: 

  • Photo ID to Vote 
  • Early Voting Days 
  • Over 150,000 Dead Voters Taken Off Our Voter Rolls 
  • Ban on Voting Machines Connecting to Internet 
  • Legal Protections of Election Workers from Harassment and Intimidation 
  • Improved Voting Locations 
  • Enhanced Voter Signature Verification 
  • State Tracking of Absentee Ballots 
  • Expanded Post-Election Audits 
  • Voting Machines under Video Surveillance when Not in Use 
  • Full Transition away from Electronic Voting Machines to Universal Paper Ballots 

Michael also cleaned up the scandals that previously tarnished the Secretary of State’s Office. He’s kept his promise to restore integrity to the Office, and integrity in our elections – and he’s kept his promise to Make It Easy to Vote and Hard to Cheat. 

We must re-elect Michael Adams to protect our elections.